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A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Jogindar - Best Guitar Player and Cellist in India

First of all I would like to welcome you to my website.
I am a Delhi based "Cellist" and "Guitar Player", can proudly be called as Delhi's Senior Most "Cello" Player in India. I learnt the initial notes of this Big Size Violin called "Cello" from my father Late Shri Gyan Sharma who was an 'A' Grade Musician of All India Radio's National Orchestra, Delhi.
Most of the people from my professional world of music know me as jogindar. Through this site I would like to share about myself and whatever knowledge I have in the field of music and dance with the rest of the world.

My Skills

With more than 33 years of experience and "Special Grade" artist of Cine Musician's Association.

  • Arranger 90%

  • Composer 92%

  • Lyricist 85%

  • Computer Music Composer 90%

  • Teacher 95%

My Latest Shows

Customer Testimonials

I know Joginder for last 30 years as a best friend as well as a best musician. Music is in his blood. Music is his life. I have never seen such a sincere, hard working and passionate musician. As far as Cello is concerned, he personally developed his skill beautifully. God bless him. Prabir Datta (Director, NavPalav Dance Academy)
A good Human Being. He is a very talented and versatile Cello player. Sujeet Gupta (Flutist)
Playing just like his nature, natural. Anurag Rastogi (Flutist)
Mr. Joginder has introduced to us a new version of Cello by playing it as a lead instrument. Listening him is indeed a pleasant experience. I.P.S Bawa (Director, Dollywood Entertainment)
Mr. Joginder Sharma is an excellent musician. His instrument i.e. Cello is a classic music instrument, players of which are rare to find now. To master such an instrument is not an easy task which he has done well. Joginder is also a thorough gentleman, well behaved, punctual and a wonderful co-artist to work with. It has been a pleasure to know him and I wish him even more success in his musical journey. Amrish Mishra Singer

Some Compositions


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Korean Dance

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